Improve Your Life With This Daily Commitment

A Little Effort, Goes A Long Way

When I started writing, I looked up how many words it would take to write an average 200 page book. Google told me it takes about 50,000 words. Sounds like a pretty big challenge and I felt kind of defeated when I first looked at that number, but I went on anyways.

I have written every morning for 34 days straight for an average of 30 minutes. Right now I have close to 12,000 words written, or over one fifth of a book. So in essentially less than 6 months I can have the framework for a book written, in just 30 minutes a day.

Thank you for challenging me to take this on. Who knows if I’ll ever publish this or do anything with it, but it’s one of the favorite parts of my day.
— Brian Appleton, 100 Club Member

My Guitar Journey (Fall 2017)
As a self-taught guitar player, I never took practice very seriously for the last 14 years. I've always been in awe of many technical fast guitar players (usually found in metal music). So I decided to finally learn the specific technique of sweep picking by committing 10 minute a day to the practice. Here's the results. 

My Handstand Journey (Fall 2015)
I used the 100 day commitment as a means to learn the handstand (a fun little party trick I've always been fascinated by). Thanks to a consistent effort, I'm now able to balance on my own two hands - a practice that has put me in the best shape of my life, and one that I still continue daily. 


The Chart For Success

There's a bunch of fancy mobile apps and software that help you create habits, however I've found nothing works better to create a streak than an old school piece of paper, and a red pen. A physical, tangible checklist by your bedside (or hung on your refrigerator) is damn near unavoidable. This 100 Day Chart is what you'll receive when joining the 100 club. 

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Challenges From Other Members

  • I've avoided learning copywriting for the last 6 months, so my commitment to self is to copy copy for 100 days.
  • Record an audio clip every day. Some clips may be complex songs I'm working on. Others might be something as simple as a clip of me playing/practicing guitar. My goal is to become a better songwriter, guitar player, and sharpen my skills with ableton live.
  • I will write every day with the intent to publish every day. Mostly it will be my blog, but I am going to also mix in some song writing that I will "publish" possibly by posting a video of me singing. I am giving myself the "out" of not publishing every day for times that I get into writing a bigger piece that I don't get completed in one day. My intent is for that to be the exception rather than the rule. Among other things that I could possibly write would be recipes, magazine articles, jokes/stories for a stand up routine, or a speech to be presented. I'm trying to get over the hump of only writing for myself instead of sharing.
  • I am going to run 1 mile a day and do 100 air squats.
  • Draw for 30 minutes everyday to practice drawing inventions from my imagination and really focus on getting good at different types of rendering styles.
  • My 100 Day commitment is to write a story from experience that I can use to teach a principal that will motivate others to be their best self. I have a list in my phone titled "A Flashcard a Day". This is a project I semi-started and never finished. I will use the themes on this list to guide me to share experiences on this 100 day challenge. The reason I want to accomplish this goal is because I believe to be an incredible speaker, you must be a great story teller. That' the skill set I am looking to improve.
  • I want to improve on my handstands and flexibility! Focusing on handstand pirouettes, bridges, and splits.
  • Learning guitar!
  • Realistic Fashion Design Illustrations
  • Play Guitar for 20 Minutes for 100 Days. Do Adrian Abs Workout for 100 Days.
  • Write 100 words every day for 100 days.
  • To play 15 minutes of guitar every day in conjunction with 15 minutes of programming and at least 15 minutes of running/exercise.
  • Wake-up at 5 AM every day (I've never been a morning person).
  • I'd like to teach myself how to DJ/produce music. Every day for 100 days I'm going to commit at least 10 minutes to teaching myself how to mix. In the 100 day span my goal is to create a 30 minute mix. Woo!
  • I'm going to learn the basics of playing the humble harmonica. The Tombo's Lee Oskar major diatonic in the key of C harmonica, to be exact. :) Will be doing at least 10 minutes a day. 
  • No bad self talk or excuses this time. 6:00am wake up for the next 100 days.
  • Stretch and/or exercise for minimum of 15 minutes per day.
  • 10 minutes of guitar practice in the morning and 10 minutes of meditation at night before bed.
  • Stretch or do body weight exercises for 10 minutes every day.
  • I'm going to loss 10 pounds of weight in 100 days.
  • Write 1000 words a day (so I get better at writing). Write 1 personal message per day (so I get better at keeping in touch).
  • Practice drumming rudiments.
  • Run a mile under 8 minutes.
  • My 100 day commitment is 10 minutes minimum of Yoga asana practice. This is a wall for me and one I keep climbing back onto and falling back off of. I know that including a daily asana self practice, everyday, to form a regular habit, is something that will transform my life, so that's what I'm picking.
  • Journal 10 minutes every night.

No Commitment Is Too Big - Or Too Small - To Improve Your Life.